Recertify as a Referee

Third: The OSSRC Portion Prior to Receiving your Badge

Third: Final Steps Until The Badge

After registering and completing all the online tasks required, you are closer to officially getting recertified as a Grassroots Referee. Now you have to:

Sign in to the OSSRC System and make sure that your Concussion Certificate shows a 2020, 2021 or 2022 Completion Date. If it does, you are finished with your responsibilities. If it does NOT, you will need to retake the NFHS/CDC Concussion in Sports Free Online Course on the NFHS Learn site: 

After completing the course, make sure that you save the Concussion Course Certificate (other organizations may require the Certificate as well!). After saving, upload your Concussion Certificate

– Go to 

– Click on Member Login (third option down on the left side of the options)

– Enter your OSSRC Referee Number and your Password

– Scroll Down to the Concussion Information

– Upload Your Concussion Certificate

Could be another 2 or 3 week delay at this stage once the Concussion Certificate has been Uploaded

– Wait to receive your badge in the mail

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