Recertify as a Referee

Second: Completion Of Tasks Required

Once registered for the course, complete the Tasks Required

– Background Check if Over 18 (and Your Background Check is Going to Expire Soon) 

– SafeSport Course if Over 18

– Safe Playing Environment

– Online Training Modules

– Successful Completion of the Quiz

Sign in to the OSSRC System and upload your Concussion Certificate

– Go to 

– Click on Member Login (third option down on the left side of the options)

– Enter your OSSRC Referee Number and your Password

– Scroll Down to the Concussion Information

– Upload Your Concussion Certificate

Could be another 2 or 3 week delay at this Stage

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If you have questions about becoming a referee, renewing your referee license, having issues getting registered/recertified online, or any other general referee questions, simply write us a message here!

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