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Welcome to Ohio Soccer Refs! We strive to provide a single location where individuals can go to learn about all aspects of becoming and being a Soccer Referee in Ohio. 

We provide information on Entry Level Referee Training Classes for new referees through OSSRC, Academy/Mentoring Program to enable new referees to get off to a quick and successful start as referees, ongoing training via Zoom to improve sessions throughout the year for all interested referees, assistance to everyone getting registered as referees or being recertified - we also provide general assistance to any referee who needs help getting registered for new courses/recertification courses, completing the online new courses/recertification courses, navigating the Background Check Process, the Safe Sport Process, the Safe Play Process, the Concussion Course Process, the in-person course process, the registration process on the OSSRC Site, the Upgrade Process, the Game Assignment Process, the Tournament Registration Process, the Tournament Assignment Process, and more.  We also assign referees to appropriate level league games and tournament games to the extent possible. We are your one-stop place to becoming a Soccer Referee in Ohio, so if you have any questions or need any referee help, simply reach us through the contact form below and we will get back to you!

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If you have questions about becoming a referee, renewing your referee license, having issues getting registered/recertified online, or any other general referee questions, simply write us a message here!

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